Tim Myrick,

Uptown Psychotherapy Associates





In life, we are all presented with problems.

I am here to help you with:

  1. Depression

  2. Anxiety

  3. Loss and bereavement

The unique challenges associated with the gay and lesbian community are also an important part of my therapy work:

  1. The coming out process

  2. Sexual identity issues

  3. Helping gay couples develop
    stronger relationships

Therapy services are also offered for people affected by chronic illness such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, and end of life challenges, including caregivers.


We have a choice in dealing with these problems; confront and grow from the experience, or rely on past unsuccessful behavior.  Small problems are often easy to handle, it’s  the bigger issues that can be harder to deal with. 

I believe understanding problems provides an opportunity for transformation. Through therapy, we can address the counter-productive beliefs that drive thoughts and behaviors and find solutions that lead to an improved quality of life.

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